Louisa Lyne is an established singer and performer
based in Malmö, Sweden. For several years she has mainly
focused on songs in Yiddish and their history.

In 2010 Louisa started to perform on a permanent basis with
the musicians that form the ensemble ”Di Yiddishe
Kapelye”, consisting of accordion, violin, cello, double bass,
guitar and piano.

With Louisa’s charismatic song and the atmosphere generated by the skilled musicians the group has captivated and delighted audiences in various parts of the world.


Louisa Lyne & di Yiddishe Kapelye has met with great success throughout
Europe since their first album DEBYUT was released in 2012. With a large
number of concerts, radio shows and fine reviews, LL&YK has rapidly
become one of the most sought after bands in Scandinavia.

With their first album, DEBYUT, LL&YK injects new life into this
little-known musical treasure. With compelling warmth and
heartfelt feeling she welcomes us into the world of her music.
We are taken on an inspiring journey through old and new,
sadness and laughter – an unforgettable musical experience.

In April 2015 LL&YK released their second album, A FARBLONDZHETE BLONDINKE. This time, the production aims to challenge the general idea of songs in Yiddish. The result is an album full of expression where new material and a modern sound combine tradition and innovation.